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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


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5. Where is the file?
6. What specific files does the man wish to see?
7. What does the woman suggest?


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8. What did the speaker think of Canada?
9. Who did the speaker walk in the mountains with?
10. When did the speaker meet her friends for dinner?


11. I missed the news at 6:00, but I can watch _____ at 11:00.
12. Countries impose import tariffs as _____ for domestically produced goods.
13. The Bank of Rhode Island has established a special program to _____ funds at low interest to those who develop local business initiatives.


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Questions 14 - 16:

Do you need to _____ ? Trains are a great way to save money when it comes to travel.


Train fare costs considerably less than plane fare in most cases. On the other hand, if comfort is more important to you than saving money, you will be happy to know that most trains offer _____ accommodations.


When you _____ your ticket, simply notify the agent that you want a first-class seat.



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Questions 17 - 18:

Đoạn văn 1:

Green Grass All Year Round

Having nice green grass all year long is easy with regular use of "Winterize." Remember to "Winterize" your lawn this fall. This special fertilizer keeps the roots of your lawn alive during the winter. By strengthening the roots of your lawn, it leads to better growth in the spring. This products is also ideal for all outdoor plants, shrubs, and trees, keeping them strong and healthy during the coming cold months. Available at all good gardening centers.

17. When will this product show results?
18. Which of the following is this produt NOT suitable for?


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Questions 19 - 23:

Đoạn văn 1:

12 Buffalo Lane
Buffalo, New York

April 18

Bill Hipster
Epson Pharmaceuticals
157 health Valley Dr.
Chicago, IL

Dear Mr. Hipster,

My name is Dr. Ivan Rigby, and I am a professor of Molecular Biology at Illinois State University (ISU). I am writing on behalf of Melvin Tobin, who I believe would make an excellent candidate for the Research Aide position your company is offering this summer.

Melvin is a junior at ISU, and for the last three years he has consistently received the highest grades in his class. Last year, he submitted a research paper, "Mapping the Human Genome," which was published in The Scientist, one of the most prestigious science journals in the country. Recently, Melvin was awarded the Scientific Research Award for his outstanding work in the field of molecular research.

Despite his busy academic schedule, Melvin manages to find time to volunteer at the local elementary school (teaching science of course!), and write for the campus newspaper, ISU News. He is friendly, compassionate, and hardworking, and he is destined for great things. I feel strongly that this young man would be a great addition to your company.


Dr. Ivan Rigby

Đoạn văn 2:

August 20

Dr. Ivan Rigby
Department of Molecular Biology

Dear Professor Rigby,
I would like to express my gratitude for the recommendation letter you wrote to Epson Pharmaceuticals and I apologize for the lateness of this letter conveying my thanks.

I have learned more in my brief role as an Assistant Laboratory Technician than I have in all three years at ISU. As you may have noticed, the company was unable to hire me for the position that you recommended because it had already been filled, but I have really enjoyed working as an assistant technician instead. I only have three more weeks before I return to ISU, but the company has already asked that I join their team after I graduate!

They are offering me the position of Laboratory Technician and assigning me to work in the division that researches medication for patients recovering from heart surgery. In addition to an excellent salary, they are also offering me free housing on the Epson Campus, which is located just three miles from Lake Michigan.

Despite recent allegations that the company is producing drugs that do not meet federal standards, I feel this is a great opportunity to work for the largest pharmaceutical company in the country. Thank you once again for helping me get this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to attending your classes next semester.


Melvin Tobin

19. Why is Dr. Ivan Rigby sending the letter to Bill Hipster?
20. Which of the following was NOT mentioned about Melvin Tobin in the first letter?
21. What will Melvin receive if he accepts the full-time job offer?
22. What happened to Epson Pharmaceuticals recently?
23. What can be inferred about Melvin's position at Epson Pharmaceuticals?

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