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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


Bài nghe

5. Where is the conversation taking place?
6. What problem does the woman have?
7. What does the man offer?


Bài nghe

8. What kind of advice is this?
9. What times does the man suggest staying inside?
10. What does the man recommend doing?


11. There were too _____ problems for us to solve in a day.
12. In order for the company to stay _____, we must provide quality products, better service and lower pricing in the market.
13. Jack & Rose Home Appliances is the _____ largest electronics manufacturer in the entire country.


Bài đọc

Questions 14 - 16:

Đoạn văn:

If you are looking for an activity that the whole family can enjoy, consider visiting one of our city's fine museums. It is the perfect way to _____(1) fun with education.

Depending on your family's interests, you might _____(2) to visit a science, history, or art museum.

If your children are older, they will want to visit exhibits that particularly interest them and take the time to give each one a _____(3) look. Younger children have a shorter attention span. Museums with interactive exhibits are best for them.

14. (1)
15. (2)
16. (3)


Bài đọc

Questions 17 - 19:

Đoạn văn:

Thank you for choosing this high quality office chair. It is made of the finest materials available to ensure many years of use and comfort. We are sure you will enjoy its many features for years to come. Remember that you can adjust the tilt of the chair using the knob underneath, and the height of the chair with the lever on the side. This chair also comes with a three-year warranty, which covers the full cost of replacement parts and labor in the unlikely event that you have any problems with your chair. If you have any questions about assembly or the warranty, please call our toll free number: 1-00-450-0000.

17. What kind of product is this information for?
18. How long is this product guaranteed?
19. How can you adjust the height of this product?


Bài đọc

Questions 20 - 24:

Đoạn văn 1:

Advanced Financial
244 Harbor Rd.
Portland, ME

June 22, 2007

Dear Mr. Benson,

I have written to you several times over the past two months requesting an explanation on why you have failed to bring your account with us up-to-date.

By ignoring these requests, you are damaging the excellent credit record you had previously maintained with our company. In addition, every month that you fail to pay your account, you receive a $25 late payment fee. As of the date of this letter, your account balance is $235.04.

Unless I hear from you within ten days, I will have no other choice but to turn your account over to a debt collection agency. I am sorry that we must take such drastic action but I am afraid you leave us no choice. You can preserve your credit rating by sending us a check for the amount stated above.


Ross Gunter
Director of Accounting
Advanced Financial

Đoạn văn 2:

Advanced Financial
244 Harbor Rd.
Portland, ME

July 8, 2007

Dear Mr. Benson

Thank you for your letter. You deserve an explanation for what went wrong in our accounting department, and I hope that this letter will help resolve our recent error. It has taken a lot of time to find out what happened, so please accept our apologies for the delay in this response.

A thorough look at our records revealed that we did receive your April payment on time, as you stated in your letter of June 25. However, it was credited to an account which bears a similar name to yours. Therefore, we began sending you our standard notices requesting payment, in keeping with our routine policy.

I am sorry for all the distress we have caused you. You have been a valued customer of ours for a long time and we appreciate your understanding. To express our sincerest apologies, we would like to send you a $175 gift certificate to The Wilson Spa and Massage Center.


Ross Gunter
Director of Accounting,
Advanced Financial

20. What is the purpose of the first letter?
21. In the first letter the word "drastic" in paragraph 3, is closest in meaning to
22. What problem did the accounting department discover?
23. How does the company apologize for their mistakes?
24. What can be inferred about Mr. Benson?

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