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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


Bài nghe

5. Who most likely are the speakers?
6. What problem does the woman have?
7. What will the man probably do next?


Bài nghe

8. How is the weather this morning?
9. When will it start to snow?
10. Why will schools be closed tomorrow?


11. All employees were able to get their paychecks _____ before the power outage closed the banks.
12. To avoid giving clients misleading advice on investments, brokers must have access to information that is completely _____
13. Dr. Masahiro Sato was the featured speaker at last month's international _____ on economic policy.


Bài đọc

Questions 14 - 16:

Đoạn văn:

Gardening can be a success

Dear Fellow Gardeners,

Get valuable tips from a newly published book by Tomas Gray. In his book, the writer tells the story about _____(1) he could turn his passion of gardening into a lucrative business.

Owing to increasing customer awareness of the hazards of using a lot of pesticides in food production, people are rushing for organic produce. Only if you have a small back garden you can develop a thriving business _____(2) a couple of years, though.

If you want to start your own business in organic produce, Tomas Gray's book can _____(3) you money.

14. (1)
15. (2)
16. (3)


Bài đọc

Questions 17 - 19:

Đoạn văn:

Ms. Marie Faubert 
95 Jackson Crescent 
Phoenix, AZ 04-55000 

Dear Ms. Faubert, 

On behalf of Sylvan House Wares, I would like to apologize for the damaged trays you received. We always try to package all shipments to the best of our abilities, but these accidents still happen on occasion. I have asked for shipping department to send you some replacements as soon as possible.

You will find with this letter a return kit. This includes the box, packing materials and an address label. Please use the kit to send back the damaged goods to our company. The postage has been prepaid so you only need to pack the trays and call the delivery company. I am also enclosing a $20 gift certificate to make up for any inconvenience.

Again, I apologize for this inconvenience and value your business. 

Sincerely yours,
Barbara Bell
Sales Manager 
Sylvan House Wares 

17. What problem was reported to Ms. Bell?
18. What is included with the letter?
19. What is Ms. Faubert instructed to do?


Bài đọc

Questions 20 - 24:

Đoạn văn 1:

Date: Tuesday June 22 10:23:22
Subject: Richard Heather
From: Andrew Dias
To: All employees

Thank you for attending today's meeting. This memo is to confirm our agreement on the media release scheduled to be made public at 10 AM tomorrow morning.

The press release will basically announce the resignation of Richard Heather, our Chief Financial Officer, and the appointment of an interim CFO, Kelly Anderson. We reached a consensus over not mentioning Mr. Heather's reasons for resigning from his position. For further questions, contact Ms. Heidi Caldwell, Human Resources Manager.

We appreciate your support and cooperation.

Andrew Dias


Đoạn văn 2: Announces Resignation of Richard Heather, Chief Financial Officer, Inc. yesterday reported the resignation of Chief Financial Officer Richard Heather. Mr. Heather joined in September 1997. He recently accepted a job offer at a local retail company in Vermont and will start his new career as a regional manager as of next month. has appointed Kelly Anderson, who currently supervises the Accounting Department, as the provisional CFO until a final decision about the new CFO is made. Ms. Anderson, who started her career in accounting at Fortune Auditing, Inc. in 1995, joined in May 1999.

Chief Executive Officer Andrew Dias said, "We are sincerely grateful for Richard's outstanding contributions and genuine commitment to over the past decade. Although we regret losing such a valuable asset as Richard, we wish him well in his future career".

A brief history of Mr. Heather's work experience and achievements is provided on our website,

20. What is the Andrew Dias' memorandum mainly about?
21. To whom should employees address follow-up questions?
22. What is NOT stated about Kelly Anderson?
23. In the press release, the word "outstanding" in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to
24. According to the press release, what can be found on the company's website?

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