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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


Bài nghe

5. What would the woman like?
6. What does the man offer to do?
7. How long has the woman been waiting?


Bài nghe

8. Where is this announcement most likely being made?
9. Why do the passengers have to fasten their seatbelts?
10. What will happen in thirty minutes?


11. For those of you who have made the trip to see popular concert violinist Rosa Marche _____ a free performance at the band shelter, we are very sorry for the inconvenience.
12. Our call center has recently received several ____ about the defective item.
13. We really can't delay any more with our plans and must _____ down to business as soon as possible.


Bài đọc

Questions 14 - 16:


A number of staff members have expressed an interest in Casual Friday. I realize that this custom _____ in many offices nowadays.
I appreciate the fact that many of you have discussed this matter with me _____, and pointed out that our strict dress code is outdated.
Because so many people have expressed an interest in dressing casually once a week, we will have Casual Friday in this office starting next week. While we want to be relaxed, we do not want _____ our coworkers to styles of dress that may make them feel uncomfortable.


Bài đọc

Questions 17 - 21:

Đoạn văn 1:

Welcome to the National Institute of the Culinary Arts. You have chosen to enter a highly rewarding profession. People are drawn to this career for many different reasons, but you all have something in common-an appreciation of fine food. At the institute you will have the opportunity to study with some of the most highly skilled chefs in the world. In order to take the best advantage of this opportunity, you need to approach it with an open mind. Be ready to relinquish your old ideas about cooking and take in new ideas about the most artistic methods of preparing food. While at the institute, you will become accustomed to long hours, hard work, and wonderful results. By the time you have finished with your coursework and are ready to start your apprenticeship, you will feel that you have accomplished much more than you ever expected to here at the institute. Please take the time to look over the following pages carefully as they contain all the information you need about course requirements, textbooks, apprenticeship opportunities, and the instructors at the institute.

17. Who is the audience for this article?
18. What kind of place is the institute?
19. What does the writer ask the readers to do?
20. The word "relinquish" is closest in meaning to
21. The word "accustomed" is closest in meaning to


Bài đọc

Questions 22 - 26:

Đoạn văn 1:

From: Howard Hilton
To: Margaret Willow
Subject: Defective Printer

Dear Mrs. Willow,

My company, Pip Imaging, purchased an Easy Jet 1435 printer from your company four weeks ago. Three weeks ago, an employee reported that the printer turned off every time she tried to print on both sides. A week after the problem was reported, a repairman came to the office to fix the problem. After spending an entire day taking apart the machine, he determined that the printer was missing an important screw. It is critical that we have a functioning printer in order to provide our customers with quality photocopies. Therefore, it is important that we fix this problem as soon as possible. We will be closing temporarily in two weeks from June 23rd to July 2nd, while we change locations, and we would like to resolve this problem before then.

Howard Hilton
Technical Director

Đoạn văn 2:

To: Howard Hilton
From: Margaret Willow

Dear Mr. Hilton,

First, I would like to apologize for the problem you encountered with your printer. This is the first defective product that we have ever been made aware of , and we have already contacted the Director of Production, Glen Milton, to investigate the current production practices for all Easy Jet 1435 printers. We certainly want to resolve this problem as quickly as possible. We are happy to pay for all repair costs, as well as all shipping fees. Please put the printer in its original box and send it to the Product Repair Department. The address for this department is provided in the Owner's Instruction Manual that came with the printer. We will have a specialist take a look at the machine immediately. You should have a working printer within three to four weeks. Please feel free to contact me at any time, should you have questions or comments.

Margaret Willow
Director, Customer Relations, Easy Jet Office Supplies

22. How long ago did Pip Imaging purchase the printer?
23. What kind of business is Pip Imaging most likely?
24. According to the first email, when does the printer shut down?
25. What should Howard Hilton do before returning the product?
26. Why might Howard Hilton not be satisfied with Margaret Willow's offer?

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