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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


Bài nghe

5. Who is the man speaking with?
6. What is the man unsure of?
7. What will the woman most likely do next?


Bài nghe

8. What does the speaker's cousin do?
9. How much has the speaker's cousin spend on his camera?
10. Who does he sell the photographs to?


11. Some technical support workers _____ at the headquarters to learn how to operate the new network access system over the past two months.
12. Simply that you're going to be _____ for work.
13. Mr. Ishmael's monthly bank statement indicates that he made several _____ from his checking account.


Bài đọc

Questions 14 - 16:

Information for Travelers

* We make every effort to leave on time. To avoid _____, please plan to arrive at least one hour before your scheduled departure time. This is especially important because all passengers must pass through security control.


* Scissors, nail clippers, and other sharp instruments _____ on board. Leave these items at home or surrender them to the security officer in charge.


* Each passenger is allowed two small carry-on bags. Check your excess luggage with the attendant. You can claim it at the end of your trip.

* We request that passengers remain in the waiting area until the attendant _____ the embarkation time.



Bài đọc

Questions 17 - 19:

Đoạn văn 1:

Lynn Hurley is in the news again, but this time not for her acting. The 32-year-old movie star was caught shoplifting from a fancy downtown department store.

Security guards stopped Ms. Hurley at the doors of a well-known department store with over $1,200 of jewelry in her purse. Officials are investigating the case and trying to decide if Ms. Hurley was only stealing for fun or if she really needed the jewelry for her next movie. Bail was set at $2,500 for the release of Ms. Hurley, but so far her family has refused to pay. If convicted of the crime, the actress could be subject to a fine of $10,000 or one month in jail.

17. What is Ms. Hurley's profession?
18. How much is bail for the release of Ms. Hurley?
19. Which did Ms. Hurley probably steal?


Bài đọc

Questions 20 - 24:

Đoạn văn 1:

Three-Day Forecast

Friday March 22: Residents should carry their umbrellas because there is an 85 percent chance of heavy rain. Morning temperatures will be in the low 70's and are expected to drop to around 65 in the mid-afternoon.

Saturday March 23: If you're planning any outdoor activities, then this is the day to schedule them. Thanks to a warm westerly wind, temperatures are forecasted to be in the high 80's, about five degrees warmer than we might usually expect at this time of the year. Remember to wear sunscreen and drink lots of water.

Sunday March 24: Make sure you enjoy the sunshine on Saturday, because on Sunday temperatures will drop to the low 60's . There will be some sun in the morning, but the afternoon will be mostly cloudy.

Đoạn văn 2:

From: Belinda Pushkin
To: All sales staff
Subject: Company Picnic

Hello, I just wanted to let everyone know that the Tollins company picnic has been cancelled because there is a chance of rain on the day we originally chose. As you know, we wanted to have the picnic outdoors so that employees could participate in a variety of team-building exercises.
We asked the Humble Country Club if we could hold the lunch in their Club House instead, but unfortunately they told us that Plymouth Autos will be holding a special banquet to celebrate their 25th anniversary there.
Attached to this email is an Employee Preference Form. I am asking all employees to list their preferred date for the rescheduled company picnic. I sincerely hope that we can accommodate everyone's schedule. Please fill out the form and email it to me by Thursday, March 2st, at 3p.m.

Belinda Pushkin
Human Resources

20. According to the weather forecast, what is unusual about Saturday's weather?
21. When was the picnic originally scheduled?
22. Why can't the event be held in the Club House?
23. What can be inferred about Plymouth Autos from the email?
24. What did Belinda Pushkin add to her email?

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