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Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
Mark your answer on your answer sheet.


Bài nghe

5. What are the speakers talking about?
6. Why does the man want to make a call?
7. What would the woman like the man to do?


Bài nghe

8. How many people ran in the marathon?
9. Where will the money go?
10. What time did the winner finish in?


11. If you require additional information, _____ one of our sales representatives.
12. Landing is also a rather _____ experience, too.
13. The Education Board voted _____ to increase the funding available for building projects at local schools.


Bài đọc

Questions 14 - 16:

The most important part of planning an event is to give yourself plenty of _____.


You don't want to leave important details until the last minute. Ideally, you should give yourself several weeks to plan your event, or several months if it will be a large affair. The first step is to find a suitable _____ for your event.


You want a place that is pleasant and convenient. You also need a place that is the right size. If you have even a general idea of the number of guests you can expect to attend, it will be easy to calculate the _____ of the room that you will need.



Bài đọc

Questions 17 - 18:

Đoạn văn 1:

Ever dream about being a world-famous singer? Here's your chance! One Music, Inc. is holding auditions for male and female singers aged twenty-one and up. You could be chosen for a recording contract with our record label! All musical styles are welcome. Auditions will be held on Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. at One Music studios in Miami, Florida. The winning contestant will win a recording contract with our company and the possibility to go on a world tour with some of our most famous musicians. So make your dreams a reality. Come to One Music studios for your audition this weekend!

17. To whom is this notice addressed?
18. Who may participate in the auditions?


Bài đọc

Questions 19 - 23:

Đoạn văn 1:

Date: Monday June 11, 2007 11:32:10
Subject: "Intro to Java" cancellation and tutoring alternative
From: Louis Vanegas
To: Jamie@hunter.edu; Yichun@nyu.edu; angelawong@samengineering.com

Hi all,

First, let me apologize for the fact that the "Intro to Java" course was cancelled. There were simply too few people signed up for the course. I also want to apologize for the manner in which the Continuing Education Department handled some of the logistics surrounding the course registration and refunds. The department is overwhelmed by work and continually short-staffed. Again, my apologies.

Although the course has been cancelled, you can still learn Java. I propose that you participate in small-group tutoring classes during the summer beginning next week. Details follow:

. Tutoring session days: Mondays
. Number of sessions: 8 (8 weeks)
. Time: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m
. Dates: Monday. June 18 - Monday, 13 August (We will skip the first week in August.)
. Where: 3rd floor computer lab, Tisch School, 832 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
(On the first day, we will meet in the lobby as you need a proper ID to access the building.)
. Cost: $30 per session
. Payment: $240 in cash, check, or money order payable on first day of class.

Please RSVP as soon as possible so I will have a good idea about the size of the group. Again, my apologies for the course cancellation.

Best regards,
Louis Vanegas

PS: More tutoring will be available at the end of the summer for those who might need more help.

Đoạn văn 2:

Date: Tuesday June 12, 2007 15:22:00
Subject: Re: "Intro to Java" cancellation and tutoring alternative
From: Angela Wong
To: Louis Vanegas

Dear Mr. Vanegas,

Thanks for the information. I would like to know if I could only attend the first four sessions since I have to be away for about a month. After I was notified of the cancellation this Monday, I made all my travel arrangements, including my flight ticket.

Please let me know if you will allow me to do this. I would really appreciate your prompt reply. Thank you.

Angela Wong

19. Why has the course been cancelled?
20. For whom is Mr Vanegas' e-mail intended?
21. What has Louis Vanegas suggested as an alternative to the course?
22. Why did Angela Wong write her e-mail?
23. How much will Ms. Wong pay for the course if Mr. Vanegas accepts her request?

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